These terms and conditions relate to the STK Academy Program (Program) you are registering your child/ward in (Child). St Kilda Saints Football Club Ltd (ABN 86 005 174 836) (St Kilda) owns and manages the STK Academy Program. By accepting the terms and conditions below, you are entering into a legal agreement with St Kilda based on your Child’s participation in the  Program.


  1. I agree to enrol my Child with St Kilda to provide services and football activities for my Child.

  2. I give permission for my Child to participate in the Program activities organised by St Kilda.

  3. I confirm that my Child has no medical condition or allergy limiting his/her ability to participate in the Program.

  4. I confirm that I have the lawful authority and capacity as the Child’s legal Parent or Guardian to register my Child with St Kilda Football Club to participate in the Program. I will immediately notify and provide a copy of any order a court makes for the custody and care of the Child I have enrolled with St Kilda.

  5. I acknowledge that St Kilda operates the Program both online (Website) and at the venues known as RSEA Park at 32-60 Linton Street Moorabbin, VIC 3189 and Belvedere Reserve, 151 East Road Seaford, VIC 3198  (Venue).

  6. I give permission and consent for my Child to leave the Venue where advised by Program staff in the case of a medical emergency and/or emergency drills. I also give permission and consent for St Kilda staff member or a nominated supervisor to seek transportation of my Child by an ambulance if/as required.

  7. I understand that my Child will be under the direction and control of St Kilda staff when at the Venue, who will follow the Program policies and procedures (including behaviour guidance procedures if required). I understand that my child will be under my supervision when undertaking the Website Program.

  8. I understand that if my Child continues to demonstrate unacceptable behaviour after behaviour at the Venue, guidance procedures have been followed, I will be notified by St Kilda staff and may be required to collect my Child. I agree to immediately make
    arrangements to collect my Child from the Program. I acknowledge that St Kilda may cancel my Child’s enrolment.

  9. I understand that I am required to apply sunscreen and provide an appropriate hat for my Child. I can authorise St Kilda staff to apply sunscreen/insect repellent to my Child when required by contacting the Program coordinator.

  10. I acknowledge that my Child may not be able to participate in outdoor activities unless I provide and they wear a hat.

  11. I take full responsibility for my Child’s belongings while they are at the Program including on any excursion.

  12. I acknowledge that St Kilda will not accept my Child at the Program if my Child is suffering from an infectious or contagious disease or in the opinion of St Kilda staff is too unwell to attend the Program at the Venue. I agree to immediately make arrangements and collect my Child from the Venue if requested by staff. I agree that I will not bring my Child back to the Program until 24 hours after the illness or disease has passed (or until I have produced a medical certificate if requested by St Kilda staff).

  13. I will ensure that my Child upon arrival are signed in and when collected are signed out using St Kilda processes. I acknowledge that my Child is not under the supervision of St Kilda staff unless they are appropriately signed in per these processes.

  14. I give permission for and consent to my Child being given basic first aid treatment in the event of an accident, incident or illness when at the Venue. I agree to collect my Child from the Venue if a St Kilda staff member requests due to an accident, illness or if he/she becomes unwell at the Program. I give permission for St Kilda staff to seek and arrange medical or emergency medical treatment and/or transport if my Child requires it from a medical practitioner, hospital or ambulance service when undertaking the Program at the Venue. I consent to St Kilda releasing my Child into the care of a medical practitioner, ambulance service representative, hospital or other medical personnel as deemed necessary. I agree to cover the cost and expense of any medical treatment and authorise St Kilda Football Club to deduct as a fee any amounts paid by St Kilda, by way of reimbursement.

  15. I agree to ensure my Child has the sufficient safety gear (mouthguard, helmet etc) for when physical contact activities are active. St Kilda will strongly encourage and ensure all participants use safety gear but not responsible/liable if a child/parent chooses not to use them.

  16. I agree and acknowledge that St Kilda does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by my Child due to them participating in the Program, both through the Website and at the Venue, unless the injury, damage or loss was caused by the proven negligence of St Kilda, its directors or employees, or is otherwise required by law.

  17. I acknowledge that the Website Program is not supervised by St Kilda staff, and that there are inherent risks associated with my Child’s participation in the activities offered in the Program. By my Child participating in the Website Program, I assume these risks on behalf of my Child.

  18. I indemnify St Kilda (including its directors, officers and employees) against any costs, expenses or liability incurred as a result of any damage or injury caused by my Child to:
    a. property at the Venues or an excursion location; and
    b. any other child and staff at the Program.

  19. I give permission for St Kilda to photograph and video my Child whilst participating in the Program and use these images and footage in any form for marketing and/or promotional activity in connection with the Program, including use by St Kilda and their corporate or community partners for promotion of other St Kilda programs;

  20. I acknowledge that my Child will be required to film and upload videos of themselves performing Program activities to the Program Website as directed by St Kilda coaching staff, and I consent for these videos to be shared amongst participants of the Program via the Program Website only.
  21. I acknowledge that St Kilda may use my or my Child's personal information collected on the registration form and as part of the Program (including any testing data and results from the Program) (Information) for the purposes of administering the Program;

  22. I acknowledge that St Kilda may also use or disclose the Information to St Kilda affiliates or partners and third parties for the purposes of research, development and marketing, and any other purpose in accordance with St Kilda’s Privacy Policy available at:

  23. I acknowledge that St Kilda will make reasonable efforts to maintain the performance and availability of its Website, however, St Kilda cannot and does not guarantee continuous operation of the Website or the integrity of the data stored or transmitted in or through the Internet.

  24. I acknowledge that St Kilda accepts no liability for acts carried out by any person using personal login information, and you indemnify St Kilda from any costs, expenses or damages paid or payable by St Kilda in connection with any such misuse.

  25. I agree to abide by the cancellation procedures for the Program and will inform St Kilda staff at the Program, of any absence of my Child. I will be charged for the session in accordance with the cancellation policy, to be communicated prior to the Program, or if I do not follow the cancellation procedures.

  26. I agree to update my details and registration if any of the information provided on my Child’s registration form changes in the future.

  27. I agree and consent to St Kilda direct debiting (my bank account or credit card) all fees that I may incur by my Child participating in the Program in the amounts and at the intervals as advised. I undertake to keep my bank account and/or credit card details up to date at all times. I understand fees and charges are subject to change.

  28. Communication of declined payments (including where the relevant credit card has expired) and other updates will be sent to you via letter, SMS or email, depending on the communication selected by St Kilda. Accordingly, you must ensure your details remain current in order to receive this communication.

  29.  I understand that if non-payment of fees occurs my account may be suspended, and my Child’s registration in the Program cancelled. I understand if non-payment of fees continues, the debt may be referred to a collection agency.

  30. I acknowledge that St Kilda may amend and update its policies, regulations or terms and conditions, including as detailed here, from time to time. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure that I am familiar with amended policies and procedures. I agree to comply with all amended policies, procedures and terms and conditions.
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